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Loosen Your Grip - Reckless Abandon Gallery

Cindi Zimmerman

Loosen Your Grip

$ 950.00

36" X 36" X 0.75" acrylic painted on gallery wrapped canvas. Ready to hang.

Sides are painted so art is ready to hang, but due to thin profile, framing may be preferred.

We're all prone to white-knuckling it through this wild ride called life. It's only natural to take a firm grip when trying to organize the chaos that swirls around us. But after countless layers of chaos on this piece, I imagined myself holding a palmful of honey. I loosened my grip lest all the goodness would leave my hand. Sure, occasional drips still oozed between my fingers, but rather than trying to control it, I allowed and enjoyed. So for anyone who's wound a little tight, go ahead. Loosen your grip and you might just find a treasure sitting sweetly in the palm of your hand.

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