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Truths and Consequences

Cindi Zimmerman

Truths and Consequences

$ 950.00

36" X 36" X 0.75" acrylic painted on gallery wrapped canvas. Ready to hang.

Sides are painted so art is ready to hang, but due to thin profile, framing may be preferred.

The marks on my paintings are my truths, and as in life, each truth is followed by a consequence. As an intuitive artist I start without a plan, doing nothing more than impulsively satisfying my color cravings through raw marks and shapes. A random upward stroke might beg to be followed by a downward motion. Cool fields of blues and greens may desire the occasional warmth of oranges and reds. And so I work my way around the canvas allowing each truth to inform my next move in an unrehearsed dance of truth followed by consequence. Take a spin around this dance floor and let the consequences of your own truths be a passionate tango, an unbridled cha-cha, or a flowing, graceful waltz.

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